Have you ever done a website or content audit on your written work to make sure you are staying in compliance with health coach regulations? Do you feel confident that if someone looked at your site that you would be in the "safety zone" as far as scope of practice is concerned? If not don't worry!

Join me for this 90-minute education recorded workshop! We will be focused on cleaning up wording (did you know that using the word diet is against scope of practice in most states?) and providing substitution words and phrases that will lessen your risk.

This workshop will be an action taking class where you will be walked through what safe language is and how to replace any wording or copy that may increase the liability in your business.

BONUS: Attorney Christy Westerfield joins us for a live Q and A at the end to answer questions and give guidance!

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney but have been coaching in a red state for over 11 years and have done an entire safety course on this topic and interviewed multiple attorneys for coaches. I will not be "advising", just educating.