"Here's your lab requests, your list of things to avoid eating and an exercise plan. See you in four weeks."

Sound familiar? I hope not...but if it does you'll want to read on.

These are words I have heard over and over again in my history of trying to find the answers to my chronic health symptoms. If you are like me you are probably tired of hearing things like this from doctors and then being disappointed with the visits that follow where you feel unheard and overwhelmed.

My health journey started with small things happening that not one doctor could figure out. I saw multiple functional medical doctors, orthopedics, neurologists, kinesiologists, podiatrists, osteopaths, multiple rheumatologists and more.

I tried: injections in my feet and back, Electro shockwave therapy (EWST) that was not even FDA approved yet, for my foot pain, massage therapy, muscle testing, accupuncture, $2000 worth of inserts for my shoes, reiki, physical therapy, IV treatments and more.

I was tested for: Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy (large needles in my back and feet-fun), Lupus, Sjorgens and every autoimmune condition under the sun. Everything was "normal" they said. But it wasn't. My life was far from normal.

I know there are thousands of you out there that have a health story like mine. If you choose to take action for yourself and become your OWN health warrior you will be receiving the templates and guides that I created to have a more effective and efficient doctors visit. These are the things I wish I had access to when I was navigating that lonely journey and I am offering them to you at a discounted price to help you along.

How to Have a Successful Doctors Appointment is a template for helping you get organized and create a more efficient and productive experience with the time you have with your doctor. It is very empowering to be in charge of your health! ($47 value)

Start reclaiming your health. YOU are worth it!